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the Combobob story

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1the Combobob story Empty the Combobob story on Sat 20 Dec - 3:45

Just to get the ball rolling I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a 50yo Aussie Dad who started playing Minecraft with my 11yo son several years ago on our home LAN network. It was fun to then start modding it.
Our favourites were Millinaire, Dr Zharks Animals and of course a mini map of some sort. We dabbled in Optifine and other mods but as a big LOTR fan since my childhood it didn't take me long to find this mod. It is now the only Minecraft I play. (But I still use a mini map.)

I have a degree in Music (Double bass) and a Grad Dip in Education so I can teach school music and did teach for a while in London.
Now I work for Adelaide University as a database administrator and play my old Fender electric bass in an Eagles cover band and play video games with my son.

I hope folks don't think it odd that I play Minecraft at my age but I have really enjoyed being a part of the Ranger team here and try to help out when and where I can. I feel like the Dad here too and
try to look out for other good players, especially the noobs who get into a bit of trouble at the start.

Combobob is just an online name I use wherever I have an account so just Google me and you should find my music page

I look forward to making our faction the strongest, richest and most helpful on the official server. Hell_Metallicus shows great maturity and leadership and I have been happy to help on the Fornost build cooking Arnor stone. His vision has created a great build that is a wonder to all who see it.

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